Business/Technology Roadmaps

We can partner with you to help define an end-to-end eBusiness Strategy and Roadmap that is based on a cross-business unit future state vision for your company.  Mapping a future state functional and architecture/technology vision usually involves the creation of several artifacts such as a Functional Architecture, Business Process Architecture, Application and Platform Architecture, User Experience Future State Vision, Decision Framework (for prioritization of key initiatives), Cost Models for the Initiatives, Project Communication Plans, and an overall Governance Plan.

Data & Analytics Planning

Not surprisingly, we are awash with data.  There is a lot of it, actually too much.  The issue is our ability to make sense of it and act on it quickly.  The Principals at dSquaredX can help plan your data mart, build predictive models using demographic, psychographic, and transaction profile customer data to help devise appropriate strategies for each channel, develop key metrics for gauging sales performance, and assess lifetime value (LTV) across segments.

Visual Design and Information Architecture

The overall customer experience is critical to your customer’s engagement with your brand.  Whether its a website, portal, mobile app or a retail shopping experience on a handheld or POS device, great experiences sell and engage your customer with your brand.  We can help you with planning your online strategy and develop the design framework – visual design, information architecture, content strategy, and other critical deliverables that we will use as a blueprint during the Implementation.

Project Management & PMO

Whether its traditional waterfall, Agile, or a hybrid, we can help you with the management and execution of your project/engagement or overall program.