Web, Mobile & Omni-Channel Strategy

The advent of social media, mobile, and supporting technologies have changed the retail landscape completely.  Your Clients are looking for you to be there for them at every point on their interaction with your brand.  Be it on the web, store, handheld, call center, or any other channel, your Clients demand a higher level of service.  Today’s brands must create these true omni-channel experiences across all interaction channels.  dSquaredX can help you navigate this landscape and define a strategy that supports you through the various stages of your businesses growth.

Portals – Intranets & Extranets

Portals and the technology stack have evolved to the point that there is very little you cannot do with the underlying platforms.  The key however is to define your strategy and objectives – whether it is workflow efficiency, revenue uplift, client service, etc and align your business and technology roadmap accordingly.  What information or services do you want to provide?  If your customer includes your partners, what are their needs?  What is  your marketing and communications plan?  What are the functions (and features) you want to offer?  We will help with the decision process and shape the vision so we can best select the underlying technology platform that will support you.

Next-Gen Architecture

Augment, Replace, Lift & Shift, or Migrate?  We will guide you through a defined process towards evaluating the current state, determining your needs for the future, and a roadmap that gets you there.  Systems and Process Models, Data Models, and Reference Architecture are all critical to documenting current and future state.  We will bring existing assets so we can accelerate you along the journey.

Cloud Computing & Infrastructure

Worried about the Cloud?  Concerned that everyone is there but you are not?  Security considerations and data transfer implications abound?  We believe that the Migration to Cloud is one of the most significant technology shifts that companies will need to go through over the next decade.  We can help you in the assessment and planning for your path to adopting and embracing Cloud.  Our principals have been designing, building, and guiding clients across industries through their cloud transformation projects.  From reference architectures to migration paths, we can help you independently assess vendors for fit and create a plan that will solve your cloud challenges quickly.

Customer Experience Strategy

Customer experience strategy requires thinking through your business and your brand, understanding your strategy, and knowing your customer.  It is the process of strategically managing a customer’s entire experience with your product and company.  We will delve into User Experience, Content, and Marketing strategy – validating target users, defining personas and customer journeys, conducting research, defining experience funnels to drive customer engagement, capturing metrics and defining success criteria…